Lighting and Wiring House Extension

This project was commissioned for a house extension to create an open plan living area requiring the removal of existing lighting and wiring and the installation of new LED lighting.

The initial work involved removing existing lighting and making safe, and the removal and repositioning of sockets and switches in the existing part of the building.

During the building work, we planned switching and operation of the lights with the client, and prepared wiring for the new lighting, sockets, and appliances, including work with the existing fuse board for higher power appliances such as the ovens.

The lighting in this project is state of the art LED lighting including LED strips, LED ceiling lights, LED shadow lights and coloured LED’s. The ceiling lights are designed to ‘wash’ the walls and reflect the light instead of a more harsh ‘downlight’ and are set into the ceiling with magnetic fixings so there are no visible fittings.

There is a shadow light that is concealed in the ceiling to provide light on a feature wall, and remote controlled coloured LED lighting in the skylights.  This lighting is concealed within the skylight rather than an addition fixed to the bottom. The kitchen area is further complimented with LED strips for cool white under counter lighting.

You can see more images of the project in the Gallery Section

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