Lighting for a Visually Impaired Client

This project wasn’t just about creating a functional working environment for our client because of her visual impairment, but also had to combine with creating the perfect ambience for her clients.

As the business is therapy and treatment based, it was important to design the lighting so that the day to day work could be performed but also that this could be changed when clients were having treatments to transform it to a relaxing and tranquil environment.

The bespoke design of the lighting allowed us to create both prominent and hidden elements and subdued tones that can be controlled and altered quickly and easily to change the environment between uses.

The project has been an overwhelming success with excellent feedback from our client, and her clients, for the thought and practicality that we have built in, and you can see some images of the lighting in this gallery.

This is one of many areas where skills and experience allow us to formulate and implement a plan that other electricians are not able to achieve.

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